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No more button stress

@callumscreativeclub | No more button stress!

Written by : Diego Ricardo Coppen

Follow these steps to get yourself an adaptive one instead ↓

Callum McHugh made a beautiful point and gave a solution that probably many creatives have faced or are facing during their UX research or UI design process. 

The problem

In the realm of app or web design, creating buttons often leads us to a familiar struggle: ensuring the button is adequately sized and provides enough space for the text.

This process typically involves plenty of trial and error.

Additionally, when we create multiple buttons, ensuring they align with our previous designs can be a challenge.

Funny Story

It’s somewhat comical that the issues we encounter during our design process have straightforward solutions— if only we k

now the shortcuts.

However, even though this tip and fix are relatively simple, many, including ourselves, w

eren’t aware of this feature. Thus, we’re incredibly grateful to Callum for sharing this hack.

For those who are new to Adobe Illustrator or graphic design in general, let us guide you through the steps. The tutorial might move quickly, so we’ve broken it down into digestible steps.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Window > Appearance and add a new fill, choosing 

your preferred color. In this case, Callum opted for orange.

Step 2: Click on Fx and select ‘Convert to Shape’, then choose ‘Rounded Rectangle’.
Step 3: Adjust the corner radius according to your preference. Callum chose acorner radius of 90px for smoother corners.

Step 4: Determine your preferred ‘Extra Width’ to ensure sufficient space for the text inside the button. As a general rule, it’s recommended to leave the equivalent of one letter’s width on both the left and right sides. Callum prefers 70px, but feel free to experiment to find your preference.

Final Step: Copy and paste your button, adjust the wording, and witness the button automatically adjusting to accommodate the length of the text.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to Callum for addressing this frustrating problem and sharing an easy-to-follow tip and trick.

Huge thanks, and here’s to continued learning from you, Callum.

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